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It all starts with the soil

All roads lead to the earthworm – in the soil. Well, maybe not all of them. But many! Life’s not only humans – each microorganism fills a role as vital as ours on this Earth. 

We enjoy having a glass of wine & talking to the earthworm – or to our sheep. 

Nature gives & so should we

Living with Nature means finding a balance between giving and taking. Maybe to give more than to take. A little bit. Without giving, there is no earthworm, no pretty flowers, no healthy vines and, unfortunately, no delicious wine. The interplay between humans and microorganisms makes life special – and the wine good. :)

In dialogue with Nature

Dialogue with Nature means listening and watching. Thus, learning to understand Nature’s phenomena and how to handle them. That means spotting illnesses on the vines as early as possible and supporting the plant in its defensive reaction. It also means not going instantly nuts and trusting the plant. The best way to do that is to start getting to know and understanding your vineyards. How? We try to interpret what a wild plant tells us about the site and deduce what we must sow and what peculiarities must be considered in a specific area. Talking to Nature helps to see when vines are stressed and how you can help them. Which, eventually, helps us also during the work in the cellar. Because by understanding our vineyards, we can trust that the grapes coming home won’t do anything dumb during fermentation, and we can let things take their course.

There are so many things you can talk about with Nature. Sometimes, she will be grateful if we take action on time. Sometimes, she will be insulted if we don’t listen to her. And sometimes, we need to be good to her for free.

A cocktail to life

Our vineyards love partying, so we spray them with different herb broths with nettle, horsetail, horticultural soap, algae extract, sulphur, baking powder and the smallest possible amount of copper. This cocktail naturally strengthens the vine and prevents diseases. 

Life in agriculture means sharing this little piece of Earth we live on – with animals, our vines, bees and their blossoms and plants. It also means keeping our human footprint as little as possible, creating space for our friends in Nature and making prudent use of Earth’s resources.

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