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Isegrim’s Wines

Frank, fresh & thrilling – that’s Isegrim wine. It grows in Nature. It is in steady exchange with us. It ferments autonomously in our quaint cellar. And it is bottled with passion and fun. Nothing more is needed for spectacular taste. So have a glass with friends. Or alone on the couch. Or after a long day on the fields. Or ... 

Isegrim wine tastes good wearing an evening dress, pyjamas, a swimming suit – actually ALWAYS!

Our wine tastes good because …

… our vines and grapes tell stories to the earthworm. Taste evolves in the vineyard. When all players – plants, animals, humans and microorganisms – enjoy life in the vineyard, our grapes taste good. There is no sorcery happening in our cellar. Our grapes go with their own yeasts, with no flavour enhancement. Only sulphur. The rest: pure Nature. 

Natural(ly) wine

Our wines should be a reflection of Nature. Depending on different influences, sites and harvesting periods, we assign our wines to various lines: Easy Drinking (House), the Classics (Village), the Top of the Top (Site) and the somehow “Wild Ones” (Dance). All our wines are produced naturally, meaning they can grow and flourish on their own course. We support without altering and “preserve” with sulphur. However, an additional Isegrim line, the “Dance”, is more of a natural wine. What’s the difference? That’s a good one! There isn’t much of a difference. The “Dancers” go with less added sulphur and are unfiltered. That’s all. 

Our Wine Lines

Easy drinking, for after work or in the swimming suite?
The Classics, the fundament, frank, to be slurped.
Top of the Top, one site, for special occasions.
Unfiltered, the wild ones, for dancing!

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