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Our Events 2023

Isegrim wines are best in company! So we have organized a few events for you. Here you can find an overview.


Here is a place where you meet, exchange, enjoy the sunset, enjoy great products and feel good all around. You can always find the latest info on Instagram

Of course, everything organic!


Friday 2 June and Friday 4 August
known established festival. Live band in the courtyard, high-quality organic food, Isegrim wine - cozy get-together, who wants to swing his dancing leg. Usually, half the village is here 😊

AFTER WORK PARTY - cling on tight!

Saturday 3 June and Saturday 5 August
from sundowner through the whole night in the vineyard, for all those who want to have a good sound, our favorite DJ Alexej Hirsch will play. From chill to expressive dance everything is there, it's up to you whether you have to hold on because of the 3rd spritzer or because the beat makes you fidget. Of course, there's high-quality organic food here too.


June 23-26
Above our winery sits the historic Römerkelter, where the Romans already produced wine. On this summer weekend, you can sit here and taste Ungsteiner wines and enjoy the view. It is a community festival of the associations from the village and all the winegrowers and winemakers help.


2nd weekend in August
The small village Ungstein celebrates! Come by here's also always one or the other wine from us.


08 - 17 September
The largest wine festival in the world, we have a wine stand in the so-called wine village. Here you can sit down comfortably and get food from the surrounding restaurants. The most popular drink at the Wurstmarkt is the Pfälzer Weinschorle, which you can get at our stand. You can also taste a part of our assortment.

If you would like to join one of our events and have any questions about accommodations or need tips for restaurants, feel free to write us!

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